Thursday, August 3, 2017

Recruiting Students To Your Class!

Excerpt from discussion about High-Stakes Testing and Curriculum in Schools from Community Breakout Room during TeacherCon (PHL)

The argument that CS takes a backseat to other curriculums is the common misconception that is directly refuted by the Code.Org movement.  I agree with the presenter that spoke about this during the open conversation, but the basic tenets we should espouse as facilitators and “disciples” is that when you look at our curriculum as purely Computer Science or Coding, most people think it should be relegated to the computer lab as a special class. challenges us to make sure that every educator comes to believe that it belongs in every other subject and across the school-wide curriculum specifically to REACH EVERY CHILD OF EVERY BACKGROUND!  When viewed through that lense, every student should be exposed to it.  Since 2013 that movement has started, so the exposure and awareness of it should naturally lead to more students requesting it, and more students of diversity joining our classes.  We are only at the beginning of what should be a huge wave of students, from every walk of life, learning to code! (HS)

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